Mom got her cast off today after 4 weeks

moms stroke update getting her cast off

  About a month ago my mom broke her arm by falling and she went 4 weeks with a ( hot pink ) cast and yesterday she finally got it off The funny part is that she didn’t want it off lol she wanted to keep it on and she kept telling the doctor that […]

Easy vegan no re fried beans in the crock pot


Easy vegan no re fried beans in the crock pot I love crock pot recipes and being vegan of course i love my beans and lentils so here is easy recipe to make  non re fry beans. All you do is add all the ingredients below and once there done just mash them all up […]

Daiya swiss style cheese slices review

daiya cheese slices

    Daiya swiss style slices review Today i went to trader Joe’s and saw this bad boy, Normally i’m not a mock cheese fan unless i need it or i’m craving something that requires cheese. Daiya definitely makes great vegan cheeses especially there pepper jack shredded cheese. Every once in a while ill make […]

Relaxing picnic day at the park


Picnic at the park Today we decided to get out of the house and have a picnic at the duck park so we could see all the ducks and the turtles. It was soo good to get out of the house foe a change of scenery and what better way to spend it then with […]

Raw vegan carrot cake recipe

raw vegan carrot cake

Raw vegan carrot cake recipe   The week I’ve been  craving carrot cake so today i had some free time and i made a vegan raw carrot cake from a recipe i got online and it was delicious, But next time i make i will definitely add some raisins and pineapple because i felt like […]

Vegan collard green taco’s

vegan collard green tacos

 Vegan collard taco’s I had a craving for tacos today and since I’m trying to stick to my weight loss I didn’t want to have any tortillas So instead I used 3 medium sized collard green leafs. Then I fried up some onion, zucchini in the skillet with some coconut oil. Once that was done I added […]

Mom and weight loss update

My mom who had a stroke broke her arm

  My momma broke her arm I know i haven’t blogged in a while because I’ve been taking care of my momma she broke her arm getting out of bed She handled it like a trooper and is doing great. She was in real bad pain there for a while and refused all narcotics when […]

My mom getting acupuncture after her severe stroke

birthday mom after stroke

  My mom getting acupuncture after her severe stroke My mom has made the choice to finally get off the narcotics for all the pain her stroke has caused. So I was doing some research on acupuncture and found some really great results for people who’ve had strokes, So I figured it was worth a […]

The amazing carrot hotdog recipe


 Vegan friendly healthy carrot hot dog Before going vegan I used to eat a lot of junk food like hot dogs with relish, mustard etc. So I was pretty excited to find this new recipe and these things are freakin amazing. It’s hard to believe that there actually made out of carrots you can’t even […]

Madras curry sauce over rice with vegetables so delicious

madras curry sauce over rice with vegetables

   Madras curry sauce over rice with vegetables I went shopping today to pick up a few things for a recipe i wanted to make but i ended up getting the wrong item lol i was supposed to get garam masala. So that was a never mind on that recipe since i got the wrong […]

Score! – 3 Free trader vegan joe’s turkey-less roast

Trader joes turkey-less roast

Free trader joe’s vegan turkey-less roast You know its a great day when your shopping at Trader Joe’s and you walk out with 3 free turkey-less roast i was so happy like a kid on Christmas lol i love the Tofurky ones. I’ve never had the trader joe ones but the nice  lady who worked there […]

My moms first christmas after her stoke

moms stroke christmas

  Merry late Christmas to everyone my mom had a great Christmas and she made it through. I’m so happy for that and as you can see i spoiled her rotten because she deserves it. She loves her Ipad she plays angry birds on it now and some other games and watches movies and is […]

Mom’s physical therapy thursday

moms working on her therapy on thursday

Mom’s physical therapy Thursdays Today was moms physical therapy day we go twice a week and she’s doing so good at it i can’t be anymore proud of her. In the picture she’s doing more arm exercising and standing up while doing it ( yay! ) This is coming from a woman who was bed […]